Thursday, July 8, 2010

First Site

Good Morning -

The CCGS Hudson has just pulled away from the dock at BIO to begin its mission. All 19 science staff and 8 ROPOS staff have been working hard over the last few days to get the boat ready for departure (right).

With assistance from representatives with CHS (Canadian Hydrographics Service), this first dive in Halifax Harbour will calibrate the Imagenex 837A Delta T (3000 m) multibeam system (bottom). When attached to ROPOS this sonar system creates high resolution scans of the ocean bottom.

This data could be used to improve our understanding of the relationships that exist between diversity and abundance of cold-water corals and other bottom dwelling organisims and the seabeds nature.

ROPOS should deploy by 9 am and the dive should take ~4-5 hrs to complete. Upon completion, the staff will go through Fire and Safety Drills in the harbour before beginning our 21 hour steam to the Gully Marine Protected Area. The ETA for the Gully transect will be early in the morning of July 9th. Check Twitter for recent updates on our schedule.

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