Monday, July 12, 2010

Images From Our 1st Dive at Flemish Cap

Today's dive was a success, with collections of coral, sponge, and other organisims for identification and/or use in ongoing research projects. Collections of sediment cores, rocks and multibeam sonar will contribute to the understanding of the geological origins of the area. Please download a selection of todays pictures here (Flemish Cap Dive 1).


  1. Great photos, especially of the corals, the two octopus (cirrate and incirrate?) and the rattail fish. Thanks so much for sharing so soon!


  2. Hey Hello to all the crew. I have been travelling west to Ontario, not East and NE offshore - Helas.I am really pleased and quite enthralled to see the sharp and lovely images from the dives in the Gully and on Flemish Cap. You certainly have outcrop on the deep canyon dive at Flemish Cap. Onward - weather permitting.

    Alan Ruffman