Friday, July 23, 2010

Orphan Knoll dive 3 : Summary

The elusive Orphan Knoll mounds and the source of the 1978 sub-fossil Desmophyllum dianthus………have been found!

The search for the mounds was a long and for the better part of a day, it was looking like we were following inaccurate data; as the thirty-plus year position data wasn’t as precise as today’s global positioning systems.

Despite the lack in accuracy of historic data, the sonar imaging system accompanied by skilled pilots belonging to ROPOS was instrumental in finding the never seen or accurately sampled Orphan Knoll mounds.

The mounds appear to be formed of bedded limestone; however, further analysis will be done to confirm the composition and age of the rock and dead Desmophyllum dianthus.

As with the previous Orphan Knoll / Seamount dives, unrecognizable species of coral and sponges were seen………. Orphan Knoll dive 3 was no exception. Unique black coral species, sponges, unique anemones, Dumbo squid, etc.
In summary, the Orphan Knoll dive 3 was a success both geologically and biologically. Tags: Orphan Knoll,Deep-Sea Sponges,Cold-Water Coral,Desmophyllum dianthus

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