Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Steep Cliffs Dominate Third Dive on Flemish Cap

Today's dive was another extraodinary venture into the complexity and beauty of the biology and geology of the deep water of Southern Flemish Cap. Today's dive was marked by dramatic 100 m plus mudstone (yet to be confirmed) cliffs, spotted with pink branching corals (Primnoa resedaeformis - right top), and prolific concentrations and diversity of sponge. Geological collections consisted of mudstone from the base of precipitous cliffs and other rocky outcrops.

Biological collections were dominated by soft corals (right - bottom) and other species of coral for which on board taxonomists had yet to identify. A selection of images from the dive are available by clicking here. We hope to have a number of microscopic and macroscopic photos from our taxonomy lab available online in the coming days. Please feel free to comment on the blogs.

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